(It is a company specialized in solar energy solutions)
Founded in 2014
It includes a team of Iraqi engineers specialized in the field of (clean energy) solar electricity
All of our products have been inspected by staff and most of our products are from a special line of the company in China

The task of the staff (the task of the engineering staff)
1. This staff gives orders for production lines and the latest updates regarding our products
According to the specifications of the atmosphere that belongs to the country
2- The staff checks product samples before placing them in the market, by exposing them to conditions in point (a. B)
a. Electrical current changes in rise and fall
B. The weather inside the country (high temperatures and low temperatures)
3. Maintenance of products when the customer demands that according to the terms of the warranty for the products belonging to the company

About the products
1. All products have a company code and a serial number.
2. Most of the products are subject to the warranty policy and differ according to the type of warranty. Terms of the warranty (warranty policy).

Geographical location and sales
Our headquarters is in Baghdad (Palestine Street / Amiriya). These warehouses do not have sales or receive clients
All products are for sale via (online) only, in order to facilitate customer service and customer convenience
The responsibility of the company
Provide delivery service
Providing after-sales services
Provide maintenance and spare parts