Solar Controller MPPT 100A Smart Wi-Fi – Without Fan


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Controller (solar charger) professional smart MPPT type
 with 100 amp capacity
Its most important features
1- Supports solar battery systems (12/24/36 / 48v) and are
 automatically recognized
2- Solar cell voltage up to 150VDC is allowed
3- It supports many types of batteries in addition
 to support for
 allocating a specific type not included in its system
 (manual assignment).
4- Wi-Fi support with the ability to control and display
 information remotely.
5- High efficiency, up to 98%
6- It works without a fan, that is, it does not
 make any kind of noise
 (useful for many applications that do not allow
 the presence of noise),
 and depends on the size of the giant heat sink
 integrated with it.

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