Solar Inverter With AVR 12v 500w



  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Bult in AVR function for AC high voltage and low voltage
  • AC Charging Current 15A
  • High-low Voltage Protection
  • Against Overload, Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over Voltagte, under voltage and over temperature protection
  • Selectable battery priority or utility priority
  • Have UPS funcation and AC Charger function
  • Bult in 10A PWM solar controller

Technical Parameters

Model : 500W
Tecnolgy Type : Low Frequncy
Rated Power : 500W
Peak Power : 1000W
AC Input Voltage Range : 160V – 265V (AVR)
AC Input Frequency Range : 45-65 HZ
Battery System Voltage : 12VDC
Solar Input : 120w (PWM Controller)
Battery Undervoltage alarm : 10.5VDC
Battery Undervoltage Protection : 10VDC
Battery Overvoltage Alarm : 17V
Temperature Protection : ≥85°C Alarm, ≥90°C off the Machine
Inverter output voltage : 220V
Inverter output Frequency : 50Hz
Inverter output waveform : Pure Sine Wave
AC Output Voltage Range : AVR Output 220V ±10%
Output Frequency Range : Same Input
Conversion Time : ≤5ms
Cooling Method : Intelligent fan control, ≤42C Fan slow working, ≥ 45C fan high working
AC Charge curent : 15A