All products or what is offered in the company's sales
Under the warranty system, the type of warranty differs for each product
warranty period
1. The guarantee starts from (1 to 6 months) depending on the type of guarantee
2. Each product has a warranty period that is on site with the part
Or ask our representatives via communication, the best example of the warranty period
3. Maintenance is available after the warranty period
5. Any defect, please contact one of our representatives via the means of communication to facilitate the task

Terms of warranty.

1. The warranty does not include misuse and malfunctions resulting from installation errors
Inappropriate operating conditions
2. Do not open in the warranty period
3. The faults resulting from misuse are used free of charge with the obligation of the customer
Pay the costs of explaining the replacement
4. Keep this receipt because it also represents the warranty card and the company
 will not receive any Disable without this link 
5. The guarantee does not include transportation. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer
6.If the part is not available in stock, we import it and the customer has to make a decision